Dev Roychowdhury

Dev Roychowdhury


Dr Dev Roychowdhury is the Founder and Director of DR PSYCHOLOGY, an evidence-based mindful psychology practice. He has worked as a Psychologist in Australia and is a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). He has also held the position of Deputy Chair and Treasurer of the APS - Australian Capital Territory Branch. He is currently serving as an Army Psychology Officer in the Australian Defence Force.

Dr Roychowdhury has Doctorate degree in Psychology and has proficient lecturing, research, and professional practice experience. In academia, he has taught several psychology units across different year levels at Monash University, Victoria University and University of Ballarat. He has also been invited as a Guest Lecturer and Speaker at Universities and Institutes both in Australia and overseas. Furthermore, he is actively involved in research and has presented his work at numerous international and national conferences.

Additionally, Dr Roychowdhury has worked in various clinics throughout Melbourne and Canberra. He integrates a range of evidence-based psychotherapeutic approaches in his practice to empower clients identify existing strengths, learn new skills and coping strategies, and enhance their self-knowledge and resilience.

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