Don L Jewett


MD degree, UCSF, 1960; D.Phil. Oxford, 1963; PostDoc. Yale, 1964; UCSF Full Time Faculty 1965 to 1991, Physiology and Orthopaedic Surgery. Prof. Emeritus 1991. Research Director, Abratech Corporation, 1991-present. Research publications in a variety of fields:
Auditory Brainstem Response, Mechanism of C-fiber block in Neurosurgical procedure, Bone Potentials in the Jaw due to Orthodontia, MultiLevel Textbooks, Effect of Cost Disease on Medical Education, 3-channel Lissajous Trajectory, Dipole Analysis of Volume Conducted Potentials, Blood-Containing Aerosols in the Operating Room, Effects of Indoor Lighting on development of Myopia, Q-Sequence deconvolution, A-waves at above-fusion stimulus rates.

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Research Director

Abratech Corporation
June 1991
A small business devoted to development of scalp-recordings for clinical and research purposes.

Ladder-rank Faculty-- to Prof. Emeritus

University of California, San Francisco
June 1965 - June 1991
Faculty and teaching in Physiology and Orthopaedic Surgery

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29 Feb 2016

While the pupil DOES respond to changes of light intensity, such as to a Doctor's flashlight, the biological function is related to the requirements of peripheral vision, as indica...

20 Mar 2016

I think I spoke just a little too quickly. In my textbook I quoted a scientist that the % change in pupil is too small to deal with the 6 orders of magnitude change in lighting fr...