David Wilson

David J Wilson


Graduated from veterinary school at Ohio State University in 1982. Practiced in mixed practice, mainly dairy, until 1987. Three-year residency and Master’s Degree specializing in mastitis and udder health completed in 1990 from Michigan State University. Worked in mastitis and udder health at Cornell University, also earning a PhD in Epidemiology and Immunology. At Utah State University since 2006 as dairy extension veterinarian and epidemiologist for the Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (UVDL). Research, extension and publishing have mainly been in the areas of mastitis, milk quality, Johne’s disease, some other bovine and caprine diseases, and epidemiology of wild and domestic species diseases diagnosed at the UVDL.

Agricultural Science Epidemiology Veterinary Medicine

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Associate Professor, Dairy Extension Veterinarian, Epidemiologist for the Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Utah State University
Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences

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