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Danilo Garcia


My research has focused on well-being, organizational psychology, and professor C. Robert Cloninger’s model of personality in which character is suggested to modify the significance or meaning of what is experienced, hence also changing emotional reactions and habits. Together with Professor Henrik Anckarsäter at the Center of Ethics, Law and Mental Health (http://celam.gu.se), University of Gothenburg, I have investigated the genetic effects on these personality dimensions and their influence on symptoms of neuropsychiatric disorders and dysfunction and suffering derived from these symptoms.

I have been also developing research, with Professor Sverker Sikström at Lund University, using computational methods (i.e., Latent Semantic Analysis) to quantify a person’s written explanations of life events, life narrative, and own reflections of specific situations. We have been using this method to also define concepts (e.g., the semantic content of the word “happiness"), to conduct common statistical analysis using narratives and psychometric measures of well-being, and investigate individual behavior in social networks (e.g., Facebook).

Last but not the least, I’m the founder and lead researcher of the Network for Empowerment and Well-Being together with professor Trevor Archer and Doctor Max Rapp Ricciardi at the Psychology Department, University of Gothenburg. This is an international network supporting researchers and students in this field.

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Blekinge Center of Competence - Research, Development, and Innovation of Public Health
October 2015
The Blekinge Center of Competence is the Blekinge County Council's research and development unit. The Center works on innovations in public health and practice through interdisciplinary scientific research, community projects, and the dissemination of knowledge in order to increase quality of life of the habitants of the county of Blekinge, Sweden. The work of the Center includes a formal collaboration between the Blekinge County Council and the five municipalities in Blekinge, as well as collaboration with national (e.g., Blekinge Institute of Technology, Lund University) and international universities (e.g., Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis). The Center also includes a scientific council for the distribution of research grants. The project leaders at the Center engage in external projects in collaboration with the municipalities of Blekinge, as well as projects that focus on the development and mapping of evidence for public health practices. The Center is also a major hub for scientific projects with both national and international coverage (e.g., Rikssår, The Swedish National Study on Aging and Caring). The project leaders also conduct internal projects, which focus on the development of the infrastructure of hospitals and clinics in Blekinge. We supervise students and health care personnel researching health related issues that are developed into applied public health practices. We offer courses in research methodology, ethics, and well-being. The librarians from our Medical Library also help to educate and inform health care staff, patients, researchers, students, and the public. The Center produces a series of open access reports, press releases, and scientific articles each year. The administrative personnel at the Center support all of their co-workers with practical matters, such as layouts, event management, etc. The Center consists of Blekinge’s unique Medical Library, education facilities, guest offices, conference halls, and also a training facility.

Associate Professor

University of Gothenburg
October 2015
Department of Psychology

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