Daniel Fels

Daniel Fels


I studied organismic biology at the University of Basel, Switzerland where I specialised on evolutionary biology with a focus on host-parasite interaction regarding behaviour and transmission ecology with a Daphnia-gutparasite-system. During a post-doc at the CNRS, Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie, IN Paris, France, I deepened my understanding of transmission ecology and learned to work with the protozoan Paramecium caudatum and its micronucleus bacterial endoparasites. Returning back to Switzerland I decided to become an independent researcher in order to perform experiments in the (neglected) field of non-chemical cell communication. Once I had found the material and the method to do such experiments I got the allowance performing (at the former Swiss Tropical Institute) as a guest scientist my studies. A first paper was published (PLoS 2009), then with the help of a network an international conference (2012 in Basel) named Fields of the Cell. In 2015 the book Fields of the Cell got published (open-access), a shared editing work with M. Cifra and F. Scholkmann. Two other papers had followed, one on the type of relation between cell populations (Axiomathes 2012) and one on interspecific effects across chemical barriers (J Biophysics 2016). Since some year I can do my experiments at the Botanical Institute of the Univ. of Basel. Further studies are planned.

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