Dení Ramírez-Macías


ScD Dení Ramírez-Macías Director and researcher of Whale Shark México. Over the past ten years with colleagues she built a whale shark network in the Gulf of California and around with the vision to promote regional conservation of the species.
Her doctoral thesis addressed global whale shark population genetics to determine how many populations exist worldwide. She collaborated with other scientists and went to the Philippines to collect tissue samples.
Her ScD also includes an understanding of population ecology and abundance of the whale sharks at Holbox Island, in Mexico, which is the biggest aggregation ever reported, an the same research of the whale sharks from the Gulf of California. With collaborators, she established migratory patterns for the juveniles in the Gulf of California and proposed these area as a primary nursery and a critical habitat of these shark. Her research continues to focus on the migratory patterns of whale sharks in the Pacific of Mexico and in collaboration with ecoceanica started the whale shark baseline research in Peru.
Dení has been working closely with the Mexican government in its program to manage and conserve the species in Mexico. Currently in Mexico, there are two protected areas based on the whale shark and her research has been used in these protection management plans.

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May 4, 2017
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