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Durga Prasad Behera


I am Ph.D in Marine biology with specialization in Fisheriesand and Aquaculture. Actively involved in research in off shore and coastal environment of India. Studies on Biodiversity and ecosystem of Bhitarkanika and Chilika ecosystem in relation to sea weed, sea grass and mangroves..Toxicological studies of marine organism In relation to their environmental impact. Culture of shrimp and developing various methods of seaweed farming to improve the yield and growth. The other part of his research was to study environmental implications of large scale commercial farming along the south-eastern coast of India and epifaunal assemblage of economically important seaweed Gracilaria edulis. Studies on socioeconomic condition of Coastal population and their livelihood generation and make strategic planning for their development

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Biodiversity Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Marine Biology Taxonomy

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National Centre for Sustainable Coastal Management
Landscape level Plan for Sindhudurg Coastal and Marine Ecosystem: Sustainable Livelihoods Plan for Fishermen of Coastal Sindhudurg Contain Taluka Malvan,Vengurla and Devgada


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