Charles Lietzau

Charles N. Lietzau


I received my Bachelor's and Ph.D. in Zoology, Cell Physiology, from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, the latter in 1986. I was continually involved in both teaching and research at all levels throughout my graduate studies at W.S.U. and several other colleges
including, at that time, Madonna College, now, University, and Wayne County Community College. My university teaching experiences ran the gamut including Invertebrate Zoology,
Vertebrate Physiology, Systematic Botany, Ecology Field Sessions,
and Animal Behavior. Later, for approximately 30 years, I taught high school Science, Chemistry, and Biology, most notably at Detroit Public Schools. During this time I also spent a number of summers teaching field classes for Wayne State University at the graduate level during summer sessions at the "local" Fish Lake Biological Station.
Since retirement, I have devoted my time to carrying out scientific
investigations focusing on statistical studies of biophysical anomalies in fields of study traditionally bypassed by the scientific establishment. Among others, these studies have included
only recently verified biophysical anomalies in crops not yet
generally recognized involving downing phenomena such as
"so-called lodging" and a select subset of geometric downing patterns in the field, often referred to as crop circles or pictograms.
I am also applying statistical analysis to data patterns involving
cryptozoological evidence.

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