Antony John Williams


Over the past decade I held many responsibilities including the direction of the development of scientific software applications for spectroscopy and general chemistry, directing marketing efforts, sales and business development collaborations for the company. Eight years experience of analytical laboratory leadership and management. Experienced in experimental techniques, implementation of new NMR technologies, walk-up facility management, research and development, manufacturing support and teaching. Ability to provide situation analysis, creative solutions and establish good working relationships. Prolific author with over a hundred and fifty peer-reviewed scientific publications, 3 patents and many public presentations. I am one of the Founders of ChemZoo Inc., the developers of the ChemSpider website ( ChemSpider is an open access online database of chemical structures and property transaction based services to enable chemists around the world to data mine chemistry databases. The Royal Society of Chemistry acquired ChemSpider in May 2009.

Data Mining & Machine Learning Data Science Databases

Work details

Computational Chemist

United States Environmental Protection Agency
May 2015
National Center for Computational Toxicology
I presently work at the National Center for Computational Toxicology at the United States Environmental Protection Agency. I am presently focused on developing the NCCT CompTox Dashboard (, a public website providing access to chemistry and biology data associated with the center and connecting various public resources and other databases across the agency.

PeerJ Contributions

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