Chase D. Brownstein


Hi! I'm a research associate at the Stamford Museum. I primarily focus on the fauna of the Cretaceous landmass Appalachia. I'm especially interested in comparing the vertebrate faunas of Appalachia with those of Western North America (Laramidia) in order to understand the differences between western and eastern faunas and to find out what drove these differences. Additionally, I take interest in the theropod dinosaurs of Appalachia (morphology, ecology, biogeography).


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19 Jul 2017

Please note that all figures of the specimens were photographed by the author at the Yale Peabody Museum and thus are courtesy of the Division of Vertebrate Paleontology; YPM VPPU....

22 Jul 2017

ERRATUM: The specimens were accidentally said to have come from New Jersey in the title and introduction of the manuscript. Rather, they were collected almost right on the Delaware...