Carolina Miño

Carolina Isabel Miño


I am a Researcher at the Instituto de Biología Subtropical-IBS, Universidad Naciona de Misones and CONICET, Argentina. I am a geneticist, interested in genetic approaches to species’ conservation • Conservation Biology • Molecular ecology, evolutionary biology, animal population genetics • Behavioral ecology of tropical birds, mating systems • Bird communication • Environmental Education and several other aspects of basic and applied Science, including Scientific Policy Development.

Animal Behavior Biodiversity Conservation Biology Ecology Genetics Natural Resource Management Population Biology Zoology

Work details

Asistant Researcher

Instituto de Biologia Subtropical-IBS, UNaM/CONICET
June 2015
The Instituto de Biología Subtropical-IBS, is an Argentinean governmental research institution, dependent of the National Science and Technology Council (CONICET) and of National University of Misiones (UNaM).

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