Claudio Vasapollo


Claudio Vasapollo is a marine biologist working as a research assistant at CNR ISMAR of Ancona (Italy) since 2011 where he works as data analysts of fishery data. He holds the PhD in 2010 at the The Open University (Milton Keynes, UK) working at the Stazione Zoologica A. Dohrn of Naples (Italy) where he conducted a study on the spatial and temporal distribution of macro benthic assemblages associated to Posidonia oceanica seagrass and on several features of the plant itself. He got a Master degree in 2005 at the Polytechnic University of Marche after the Bachelor degree in Marine Biology at the same university in 2004. In 2015 and 2016 he also worked as a consultant for geostatistical analysis for a private company interested in characterizing a contaminated marine ground in the Southern Italy. He participated to several surveys at sea in the last 6 years as well as to several diving expeditions in the Indian Ocean and Mediterranean Sea in the last 10 years. He is author of 5 paper (ISI indexed) and several reports and abstracts.

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January 2011

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