Ceyda Sanli

Ceyda Sanli


Ceyda Sanli is a researcher on information diffusion and online communication projects driven by digital data. She has completed her post-doc in the Complexity Networks group in the University of Namur, Belgium. There, she focused on temporal patterns influencing the heterogeneity in the popularity of online contents and users. She examined non-stationary signals generated by diffusing hashtags and online users communicating to each other in Twitter. She holds a PhD degree in Data & Experimental Physics from the Physics of Fluids group, the University of Twente, the Netherlands. During her PhD, she experimentally studied fundamental complex flow problems naturally occurred on surface waves in the presence of macroscopic beads (granular matter). Currently, her research scope touches computational areas in online social media and social systems such as computational social science and complex network. Her goal is to investigate small scale social dynamic behavior from large-scale data and be a part of digital humanity and network science research communities.

Adaptive & Self-Organizing Systems Data Mining & Machine Learning Data Science Network Science & Online Social Networks Visual Analytics

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