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Chris P.S. Larsen


My research is at the intersection of climate change, landscape ecology and ecological dynamics. I employ historical ecological and paleoclimatic data to assess ecosystem dynamics and to provide context for ecological restoration. Past research focussed on the use of tree-rings, and fossil pollen and charcoal, to reconstruct the impacts of climate change on fire frequency and forest composition. My current research tests climatic, Colonial, and Indigenous factors as the cause of decreased white oak across the eastern US and the increase in mesophytic species. Additional research with graduate students has explored carbon sequestration by vegetation at the local scale of brownfields in Buffalo, to the regional scale of the forests of the eastern USA, and landscape-scale conservation and restoration of amphibians including the eastern hellbender.

Biogeography Climate Change Biology Conservation Biology Coupled Natural & Human Systems Ecology Ecosystem Science Forestry

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State University of New York at Buffalo
August 1994


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