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C. John (CJ) Ralph is a Research Wildlife Ecologist Emeritus at the USDA Forest Service's Redwood Sciences Laboratory in Arcata, California, and a Faculty Associate in the Department of Biological Sciences at Humboldt State University. He was educated at U.C. Berkeley, San Jose State University, and the Johns Hopkins University.

CJ co-founded Point Reyes Bird Observatory (now Point Blue Conservation Science) with Dr. L. R. Mewaldt, the Klamath Bird Observatory (with John Alexander), the Humboldt Bay Bird Observatory, and the Costa Rica Bird Observatories (with Daniel Hernandez).

CJ's early research centered on bird migration and orientation. He taught ecology and animal behavior at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania before moving to Hawaii with the Forest Service where he studied the behavioral ecology of endangered forest birds for six years. Since 1982 he has been in Arcata with the Forest Service's Research Branch. His more recent research emphases have been monitoring (including censusing and constant effort mist-netting), and the study of the Marbled Murrelet, an endangered seabird.

In addition, CJ initiated and has been directly involved in research at several bird monitoring stations in Costa Rica since 1994. He also has conducted research for more than 35 years on an island off New Zealand involving the monitoring and reintroduction of native birds. He has published many papers and books on bird monitoring with many friends and colleagues.

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