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Christopher Cooper


Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences at the University of Huddersfield, since 2015. Previously Junior Research Fellow, College Lecturer In Biochemistry and various postdocs at the University of Oxford (2013-15). Working on DNA replication, genome integrity and transcription factors in human cancers (and also in prokaryotes). Additional interests in phylogenomics and novel protein expression systems.

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Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences

University of Huddersfield
November 2015
Department of Biological Sciences, School of Applied Sciences
My main focus is to take a multi-disciplinary approach to study proteins involved in the DNA damage response and genome integrity in human cancers, using structural biochemistry and biophysics, molecular cell biology and bioinformatics methodologies. From my previous work I am also interested in the biology of ETS transcription factors and Cancer-Testis antigens. Understanding the basic functions of these molecules at the molecular level will shed light on their roles in cancer development and metastasis, giving the potential to develop novel biomarkers or chemotherapeutic treatments. I also have interests in developing novel protein expression and purification systems to facilitate structural and biochemical approaches, and also the biotechnological exploitation of novel DNA metabolising proteins from extremophilic bacteria and archaea.

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