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Cory C Padilla


I am a Ph. D. student in Dr. Frank Stewart’s lab at Georgia Institute of Technology. I broadly investigate microbial diversity and functionality in the oceans. I am interested in how the diversity and activity of microorganisms facilities the movement of global elemental cycles.

To explore these topics I employ a broad range of classical oceanographic and molecular techniques coupled with next-gen sequencing to generate broad view of microbial gene content and transcriptional activity in the oceans. Coupling these data to chemical profiles, chemical utilization rates, and redox gradients enables us to inquire into specific elemental turnover governed by microorganisms.

My dissertation focuses on characterizing microbially driven greenhouse gas cycling in marine water column regions with low oxygen content, known as oxygen minimum zones (OMZs). nitrogen, in these regions is important for constraining global chemical inventories and turnover times.

I am also involved in many other interesting projects in the lab. These include anammox activity, oxygen cycling, cyanate utilization, and particulate associate microbial chemical transformations in diverse OMZ systems.

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Ph.D. Candidate

Georgia Institute of Technology
August 2013
Metagenomic and metatranscriptomic investigation of microbial populations, population structure, and community composition in marine systems.

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June 15, 2017
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