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Byron B Lamont


BAgricSc, MSc, PhD, DSc (University of Western Australia)
Member Order of Australia 2010
Distinguished Medecos Fellow 2011
Clarke Medal (Royal Society NSW) 2011

Appointed lecturer in biology at Curtin University (then called WAIT) in 1974 and rose through the ranks to receive a personal chair in 1996. Retired (ie stopped being paid) in 2010 but still active in research, publishing 5-6 papers a year since retirement. Expert on the Australian flora with particular reference to the sclerophyll element as demonstrated by the family Proteaceae in particular. Pioneered research on root clusters, serotiny and leaf structure analysis. Has published almost 300 papers that have been cited over 14,000 times by end of 2015 with an H factor of 60. Book: Groom, P.G. and Lamont, B.B. 2015. Plant Life of Southwestern Australia – Adaptations for Survival. De Gruyter Open, Warsaw, Poland. DOI: 10.1515/9783110370195 (can be downloaded free)

Biogeography Ecology Environmental Sciences Plant Science

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Curtin University
Environment and Agriculture


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