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Dr Lin's research examines how natural systems or components of natural systems can be maintained or integrated into an increasingly developed landscape to provide ecosystem services that optimise both environmental and human well-being.

One specific focus has been the development of integrated agricultural landscapes that provide ecosystem services that mitigate climate change impacts on agricultural food production. More recently, this research has moved into the built environment context to understand how ecosystem services may be helpful in protecting urban environments from projected climate change impacts.

After completing her doctoral research, Dr Lin joined the Earth Institute at Columbia University as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow working on interdisciplinary issues of sustainable development and food security in agricultural systems under climate change. Prior to joining CSIRO, Dr Lin was a Science & Technology Policy Fellow with the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC. During this time she worked for the US EPA in the Office of Research and Development.
Dr. Lin joined CSIRO in November 2010 working within the Land & Water Division.

Dr Lin’s work is inherently interdisciplinary, as the interactions between humans and their environment are complex to manage. Much of the research is highly applied with the hope that the research will inform on future public policy and help create resilient socio-ecological systems.

Biodiversity Climate Change Biology Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Natural Resource Management

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Senior Research Scientist

November 2010
Land & Water
Research in urban ecology, ecosystem services, land use change, and general global environmental change drivers on the environment

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