Borja Esteve-Altava

Borja Esteve-Altava


I am an evolutionary and theoretical morphologist (PhD in Biodiversity), whose main research focus is the study of the evolution of form. I am particularly interested in how living beings acquire their modular organization through evolution and development, and how ontogenetic and evolutionary mechanisms interact in producing morphological structures. My main tool of study is Anatomical Network Analysis (AnNA), which is the analysis of morphology using Network Theory. AnNA has been very useful to quantify morphological organization and evaluate morphological complexity, integration and modularity in an evo-devo context. Last but not least, I am also very interested in the different internal processes that produce evolutionary trends.

Anthropology Evolutionary Studies Mathematical Biology

Work details

EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie International Fellow

The Royal Veterinary College
Structure and Motion Lab

Howard University College of Medicine