Benjamin Schultz

Benjamin G. Schultz


Benjamin Schultz was previously a post-doctoral fellow working with Caroline Palmer from November 2012 to June 2014 and Isabelle Peretz from July 2014 to July 2015. He received a Bachelor of Arts (2006) and Bachelor of Health Sciences (2008) in Psychology from the University of Adelaide, a PhD (2013) in Auditory Psychology from the MARCS Institute, University of Western Sydney (Prof. Catherine J. Stevens), and a PhD (2013) in Cognitive Psychology from the Université de Lyon 2 (Prof. Barbara Tillmann). His primary research interests include how people learn rhythmic sequences, entrain and move to the beat, and coordinate their speech and actions with others. In particular, he is interested in how people adapt the acoustic properties and the timing of sound productions in response to those of others in speech and music. Benjamin’s current project with Sonja Kotz is to examine the mechanisms that underlie acoustic cueing in persons with Parkinson’s Disease and other motor-related deficits.

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University of Maastricht
September 2015
Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology
Neuropsychology investigates the influence of biological, physiological, cognitive, affective, and psychosocial parameters on healthy development and aging as well as on congenital and acquired brain damage. We focus on cognitive functions and dysfunctions and their behavioural and emotional consequences, emphasising neuropsychological conditions relevant in healthy and pathological development across the lifespan. NP is headed by Sonja Kotz. The Psychopharmacology unit is mainly focused on the neurochemical basis of various behavioural functions such as memory, attention, psychomotor performance, mood, and addiction. The unit is world leader in on the road testing of medicinal and illicit drugs. PP is headed by Wim Riedel.

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