Brigitte Vollmar
Academic Editor

Brigitte Vollmar


Director and Chair of the Institute for Experimental Surgery at the University of Rostock;
Editor-in-Chief of European Surgical Research (Karger Publisher);
President of the council of the University of Rostock, Member of the National Academy of Science Leopoldina;
Member of the Senate Committee on Research Training Groups, German Research Foundation;
Member of the Exploratory Research Board, International AO Foundation, Swiss

Gastroenterology & Hepatology Surgery & Surgical Specialties

Work details

Director and Chair

Institute for Experimental Surgery, University of Rostock
Medical Faculty, University of Rostock
Research interests: 1) Analysing the microvascular, cellular, molecular and humoral mechanisms of illnesses indicating surgery; establishing and applying new therapeutic approaches. 2) Multimodal molecular imaging of small animals. 3) The (patho-)physiology of regeneration of damaged organs, organ systems and cellular compartments, integrating aspects of biomaterials research and tissue engineering.


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