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Bronwyn A Rotgans


I began participating in research during my undergraduate degree, working on neuroendocrinology of molluscs under the supervision of Dr Scott Cummins. I have, since then, been involved in a diverse assortment of projects including: the molecular communication between the parasite, S. mansoni and its intermediate host B. glabrata; the Biomphalaria Genome project; the neuropeptidome of the lobster S. verreauxi; the interaction between the invasive sawfly, S. noctilio and the pine trees it damages; regulation of aestivation in T. pisana; Eye regeneration in the crayfish, C. quadricarinatus. Several of these projects are ongoing.
I’m presently studying the neuroanatomy of Crown-of-Thorns Seastars, and the molecular underpinning of complex tissue regeneration in its limbs. By a combination of computational biology, electron microscopy and molecular biology, we hope to uncover some noteworthy and novel results.

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