Breno Barros


Has experience in Behavioral Ecology, focusing on the following subjects: Protective mimesis, feeding behavior, fast development and allometric growth of bony fishes. Actually working as a post-doc fellow at the Institute of Coastal Studies (Bragança, PA, Brazil), and also as a collaborator researcher at the Ichthyology Department, Coordination of Zoology, Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi (Belém, PA, Brazil).

Animal Behavior Ecology Marine Biology Zoology

Institution affiliations

Work details

Pos-Doc fellow

Universidade Federal do Pará
Laboratório de Evolução

M.Sc. candidate

Hiroshima University
April 2004 - March 2007
Laboratory of Aquatic Resources

Ph.D. candidate

Universidade Federal do Pará
March 2008 - March 2012
Laboratório de Evolução

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25 Jan 2016

Congratulations for the brilliant and encouraging review! It has definitely helped us on how to organized our own data, and also on how to better sharing raw data! I honestly thi...

11 Feb 2016

Congratulations for the great draft! I am currently working with mimetic interactions among several species of juvenile fishes and several species of floating plant materials (ple...