Aylin Ulman


I am just finishing my doctoral studies at the University of Pavia, Italy and University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris on the major role of recreational boating as a vector of spread of marine species around the Mediterranean.
Prior to this, I concurrently worked as a research assistant and received my MSc at the Sea Around Us, Vancouver BC, under the supervision of Daniel Pauly where I improved on the catch data of several eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea countries.
I have also been a marine conservation educator for the Vancouver Aquarium, a sockeye salmon assessment officer for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada and a killer whale watching guide in British Columbia.
I spent my 20's as a PADI scuba instructor working in many countries including Australia, Thailand, Turkey, Honduras and Mexico.
I also really enjoyed helping to manage and run marine conservation scientific expeditions (Reef Conservation International or ReefCI) in Belize for 2 years teaching marine biology, marine conservation and leading scientific dives.
My interests are underwater photography and I hope to help protect elasmobranches after graduation.

Biodiversity Biogeography Conservation Biology Ecology Genetics Marine Biology Natural Resource Management

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