Aylin Marz

Aylin Marz


Education and Training: Ph.D. training in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Baylor College of Medicine was followed by postdoctoral fellowship in breast cancer cell and molecular biology at the Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory.

Research: PI's laboratory at the Department of Radiation Oncology in the Virginia Commonwealth University worked on DNA repair and cell invasion mechanisms that are relevant to the progression of breast cells from pre-invasive to invasive state (2007 - 2013).

Teaching: Currently teaching biology at Germanna Community College, Stratford University, and University of Mary Washington (starting this Fall)

Biochemistry Cell Biology Genetics Genomics Histology Molecular Biology Oncology Science & Medical Education Translational Medicine Women's Health

Work details

Adjunct Faculty (past, Assistant Professor)

Germanna Community College, Stratford University, University of Mary Washington
(Past, Department of Radiation Oncology, Virginia Commonwealth University)

(past, Virginia Commonwealth University)

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