Axel Newe

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Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
October 2012
Chair of Medical Informatics

Senior Software Engineer

Method Park Engineering GmbH
April 2011

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06 Jan 2015

The general idea of this article is quite interesting and certainly worth to be examined and published. The practical usefulness as well as the scientific contribution are, however...

28 Oct 2014

While the general approach is very interesting, the article itself has some scientific shortcomings: 1. There is no information about how have the results produced by the presen...

03 Mar 2015

In the second paragraph of the Introduction chapter, the authors write that _"the amount of financial loss caused by software piracy in 2011 was more than 63,456 million U.S. dolla...

22 Sep 2015

Besides somer minor flaws, I have one main issue as regards this study: **the raw data was not obtained in a scientifically sound way and therefore the results are not valid**....

27 Jan 2016

UPDATE: There are new installers available. The Zenodo DOI for downloading the new installers is [](

03 Apr 2016

UPDATE: There is a new version of MeVisLab available (2.8). This requires new installers. The Zenodo DOI for downloading the new installers is