Aswini Gnanasekaran

Aswini Gnanasekaran


My research interests are Calcium (Ca2+) signaling pathways and its biochemical, functional regulation in neurons. During my doctoral studies I was interested on molecular mechanisms regulating Purinergic P2X3 pain receptors and its modulation by intracellular calcium in trigeminal neurons of migraine-model mice. My keen interest towards Ca2+ molecules in neurons moved me to do my Post-Doctoral research in Prof. Yuriy Usachev’s Lab in University of Iowa. My Post-Doctoral studies help me to study Calcium (Ca2+) signaling pathways in various aspects, including learning calcium imaging techniques, working on neurodegenerative models of Stroke and Epilepsy. Here mainly interested on mitochondrial calcium regulation by studying mitochondrial calcium channel. I have also got Prestigious Post-Doctoral Fellowship grant from American Heart Association (AHA) to study “The role of mitochondrial Ca2+ signaling and mitochondria fission and fusion in the control of synaptic plasticity and neurotoxicity on Stroke model”.

Biochemistry Biotechnology Cell Biology Molecular Biology Neurology Neuroscience Pharmacology Toxicology

Work details

Post Doctoral Fellow

University of Iowa
February 2013

PhD in Neuroscience

International Higher School for Advanced Studies Trieste
November 2008 - October 2012
PhD in Sensory Neuroscience


PeerJ Contributions