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Asim Abdulkhaleq is a research assistant and Ph.D student at the software engineering group in the institute of software technology at the University of Stuttgart. Abdulkhaleq is working his Ph.D. dissertation under supervision Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Wagner and Prof. Dr. Nancy Leveson, MIT. His research interests include safety engineering for software-intensive systems based on STAMP. He holds a M.Sc in Information Technology from University of Stuttgart, Infotech department, 2012. His master thesis topic was on "Development of a conception for accessible human-machine-interaction of automation systems using patterns"​, this work was under the supervision of Prof. Dr-Ing. Dr. h. c. Peter. Göhner, automation and software engineering research group, University of Stuttgart. He holds a B. Sc. in Computer Science from Sana'a University, and his Bachelor thesis project was on "Using computer networks through mobile (SMS Manager Query System)". This project is awarded with the best graduation Thesis in 2005 at the Department of Computer Science at Sana’a University.

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