Arthur Lustig

Arthur J Lustig


I investigate the properties of the ends of chromosomes, telomeres, using Saccaromyces cerevisiae as a model system. We have worked on the mechanism of telomere size homeostasis, telomere position effects, the properties of telomere structure, telomere recombination. Now we are studying two areas: First, a heritable effect for telomere chromatin that may be segregated to both sister chromatids and we have evidence for a telomere damage response system which we are actively studying. Over the long term, we are also studying the evolution of telomere binding proteins.

I am currently a Professor at Tulane University
Prior to that, I was an Assistant Member at Sloan-Kettering
I had two postdocs. First, with Dr. Thomas Petes, now at UNC, and Dr. John Abelson at Caltech.

Biochemistry Cell Biology Developmental Biology Evolutionary Studies Genetics Molecular Biology Mycology Oncology

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