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Angela has a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Wollongong in Australia. She has worked as a medical writer and editor, and most recently as a systematic reviewer in the Department of Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Birmingham. She is also a certified personal trainer and worked as part of an NHS Weight Management Team delivering nutrition, exercise and behaviour change courses to obese patients referred by their GPs. She has a Masters degree in Weight Management; however, during the course of her graduate studies she became aware for the first time of a growing body of scientific evidence challenging the relevance of weight for long-term health outcomes. She is proponent of the Health At Every Size(R) principles and would like to see public health policy move away from a focus on weight loss and rather look at actual health outcomes and work to reduce health disparities.

She is currently studying for a PhD in Psychology with a focus on experienced and internalised weight stigma and their impact on health behaviours and health outcomes. She is founder of the Annual International Weight Stigma Conference.

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Doctoral Researcher

University of Birmingham
November 2012

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