Andreas H Laustsen


Andreas Hougaard Laustsen is specialized in antibody discovery and toxicovenomics for rational development of antivenoms against snakebite. Andreas holds an M.Sc.Eng in Pharmaceutical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology from the University of Copenhagen. Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Technical University of Denmark, where he is working on developing the world’s first recombinant oligoclonal antivenom based on human antibodies against selected neurotoxins. This work is based on Andreas’ previous research at Instituto Clodomiro Picado in Costa Rica, the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and IONTAS Ltd. in the UK. Besides his academic life, Andreas is a co-founder of the biotech companies Biosyntia and VenomAb, and he has been a driving force in the founding of the Danish entrepreneurship network REBBLS. Andreas is also recognized as Denmark’s Coolest Engineer and writes a science blog for Denmark’s leading science newspaper, Ingeniøren.

Bioengineering Biotechnology Immunology Molecular Biology Parasitology Pharmacology Toxicology Virology

Work details

Postdoctoral Fellow

Technical University of Denmark
June 2016
Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine
Next generation antivenoms against snakebite envenoming

PeerJ Contributions

January 24, 2017
4 citations
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August 17, 2016 - Version: 1
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