Ammar Benabdelkader


Ammar Benabdelkader received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering emphasizing on the Integration of heterogeneous geographical distributed databases, from the Institute of Applied Science of Lyon, France. He joined the University of Amsterdam since 1997, and in November 2002 he finished his Ph.D. at the Informatics Institute, Faculty of Science, in the area of Integration/Interoperation of Autonomous Data Sources in Heterogeneous Distributed Applications. His research interests focused on the design and development of the information management architecture, the modeling constructs, and the mechanisms for the tasks of supervision and control in a distributed environment. He worked at the University of Amsterdam as a Post-Doc from 2002 till 2004; at PCC-UvA as a program manager till 2011; and as a Data Architect at AMC Medical Research (AMR) in Amsterdam. Now, he is working as a senior e-Scientist and a project leader at Sharp Systems, The Netherlands.

Data Science Databases Digital Libraries Distributed & Parallel Computing Emerging Technologies Scientific Computing & Simulation World Wide Web & Web Science

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