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Born in in France in 1963, spending all my youth in various country around the world and obtain my first flying licence in Canada in 1981. 1982 to 1988, serve in the French army in the horse back cavalry "Garde républicaine", while been involve in developing the ultra light Aircraft field as test pilot, instructor, designing and building my own ultra light aircraft, and achieved several records. In 1986, start Piloting in Kenya with Yann Arthus Bertrand pioneering Microlight Aircraft in East Africa. 1988 move to kenya and had the unique opportunity to participate with some of the Kenyan conservation figures of that era in anti poaching and aerial surveys. Since did created an aerial safari operation called "Air Adventures" covering most spectacular places in Africa. Been involved in Many aerial survey, anti poaching, consulting on many African countries, with internationaly knowed organisations, performing long positioning flights over the African continent, crossing sensitive geopolitically zone where self sufficient bush pilot technic experience is critical. Did several long transcontinental flights in very light aircraft, over ice cap, jungles, desert and hight mountain. This expose me to over 10,00 flying hours in Light bush aircraft on an amazing variety of conditions, working with well renowned figures of wildlife photography, film making and conservation.

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Air Adventures (Africa) Ltd
January 1988
Conservation / Safari
Aerial Photos, Films, safari, conservation surveys operation covering African continent

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August 31, 2016
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