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Alex D Washburne


Hey there! I'm a mathematical biologist and ecological data analyst with a love of the field. Broadly speaking, I'm interested in damn near everything. My research topics range from evolutionary theory and the levels of selection problem, the nature of stochasticity in fluctuating communities and its impact on stabilizing mechanisms, phylogenetic-based analyses of ecological (especially microbiome) datasets, mathematical finance, and more. Fields of science, in my opinion, are arbitrary boundaries, so what seems like interdisciplinary work is actually just my own discipline: looking for cool questions and answering them with whatever mathematical, statistical, or empirical tools we need (and inventing the tools if I have to).

Biodiversity Biogeography Computational Biology Conservation Biology Data Science Ecology Ecosystem Science Environmental Sciences Epidemiology Evolutionary Studies Mathematical Biology Microbiology Paleontology Parasitology Statistics Taxonomy

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