Alessandro Ossola


Alessandro works across various topics connected to ecology and sustainability within the Urban Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation research group and the Green Infrastructure Research Group at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His current research focuses in unravelling functional relationships among soil biodiversity, habitat and landscape structure, and ecological processes in both natural and urban ecosystems. Alessandro’s PhD project aims to investigate decomposition and comminution of organic matter in relation to the complexity of urban habitats and the structure of microbe and arthropod assemblages. A further aspect of his research is dedicated to understand how humans modify arthropod community assembly rules through environment-trait filtering, using ants a target taxon. Alessandro is also interested in investigating fine-scale hydrological processes within urban and natural ecosystems, and how they are affected by habitat characteristics, biodiversity and management.

Biodiversity Ecology Ecosystem Science Zoology

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PhD Researcher

The University of Melbourne
Department of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences

PhD Researcher

University of Melbourne
Department of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences

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October 22, 2015
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