Ana Teresa Lombardi
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Ana Teresa Teresa Lombardi


Ana Teresa Lombardi, professor of Plant Physiology and coordinator of the Biotechnology Laboratory at the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar - Brazil). Member of the Brazilian Society of Ecotoxicology and SETAC. Visiting professor at the University of British Columbia (Canada) in 2008-2009. Graduated in Biological Sciences at UFSCar; Master in Ecology and Natural Resources Dalhousie University (Canada)/UFSCar (Brazil). PhD in Chemistry at UNICAMP (Brazil)/ Istituto di Biofisica (Italy). Postdoctoral at the Phycology Laboratory (UFSCar) and at the Biohydrometallurgy Laboratory (UNESP, Brazil).

My research interests are in the areas of Microalgae ecotoxicology and physiology (production of biomolecules, photochemistry of photosynthesis, fixation of CO2, effect of residues on algal physiology) related to contaminants; Environmental Chemistry specifically related to the interactions of metals and nanoparticles with microalgae.

Ecotoxicology Environmental Contamination & Remediation

Work details

Assistant Professor

Universidade Federal de São Carlos
January 2006
Botany Department
Professor of Plant Physiology undergraduate level and Microlagae physiology and technology at Post-graduate level. Representative of the Department at the Research Council of the University and representative of the University Research Council at the University General Council.


Universidade Federal do Paraná
July 2003 - December 2005
Oceanography Department
Teaching undergraduate course on the areas of Marine Chemistry and Environmental Remediation.


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