Almudena Barroso

Almudena Serrano Barroso


I am interested in the study of impulsivity and attentional disorders, both in animals and humans. Mainly, I am working in Autoshaping procedure (a classical Pavlovian conditioning where, the presentation of a cue is associated with the presentation of a reward and with repeated pairings the CS comes to elicit a conditional response) and its implications for addiction. I am also fascinated by the individual differences in the basic cognitive processes.

Currently, I am working with Brain Computer Interface Technology and brain signal processing in humans. I am also interested in the study of the human intelligence and clinical application developments for a new perspective on ADHD and other cognitive disorders.

Animal Behavior Bioengineering Brain-Computer Interface Cognitive Disorders Computational Science Data Mining & Machine Learning Human-Computer Interaction Neuroscience Psychiatry & Psychology

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PhD student

Universidad de Sevilla
Experimental Psychology
Learning Neuroscience and Development Program at the University of Seville. Grant under the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness.

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