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Alma P Rodríguez-Troncoso


My research line is focused on ecology of tropical corals working at organism, population and community level. I obtained my my B.Sc. and M.Sc. working whith coral coral physiology focused on reproduction of hermatypic corals associated to the coral community from the South Mexican Pacific; during my Ph.D. I evauate the stress response of corals from Pocillopora genera to abnormal temperatures using molecular and physiological biomarkers. Afterwards, as a posdoc fellow I began working at the Centro de Investigaciones Costeras, continuing the research using different field and experimental conditions. This experience allows me to integrate since 2012 as a young full time associate professor at the Universidad de Guadalajara, which gave me the opportunity to broad my research line not only to the organism level but to community level. At the present I am working in collaboration with other the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas. So far our results have allow us to forecast how these organisms will be affected by Global Climate Changes and future ENSO events and achieve prevention or mitigation of extra pressure on coral reefs ecosystems during stressful events; and also target those sensitive areas that may need special protection so that the management strategies can better conserve Mexican Pacific Coral communities.

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