Anita Malhotra

Anita Malhotra


Anita Malhotra received her BA in Zoology from Oxford University (Jesus College) in 1985 and her PhD from the University of Aberdeen in 1992. She moved to Bangor University in 1994, where she took up a lectureship in 1995. She is a molecular ecologist and evolutionary geneticist by training, with particular research interests in the systematics of Asian pitvipers, and evolution of phospholipase A2 toxins in viper venoms. She has active collaborations all over the world with other academic institutions and research-based SMEs (particularly in Europe, India, China and Japan). Other research involves investigation of the dynamics of natural selection, vicariance and evolutionary response to changing environmental conditions in island lizards, and honeybee genetics in the UK. Author of over 100 publications, mostly in peer-reviewed international journals, her work regularly attracts media attention in the UK and abroad. She was a recipient of the Zoological Society of London’s Thomas Henry Huxley award and Marsh prize in 1992 and a co-author on the article that received the 2004 Joseph B. Slowinski Award for Excellence in Venomous Snake Systematics. She is currently a IUCN’s Viper Specialist Group co-ordinator (East Asia), is guest professor at Shenyang University and Yibin University in China.

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Bangor University
February 1995
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