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Anne Kuhn


Anne Kuhn holds a PhD in Environmental Science from the University of Rhode Island, and has expertise in the field of spatial statistics and developing approaches for evaluating the relative risks from chemical and non-chemical stressors on spatially structured populations of wildlife species across. Anne develops and evaluates watershed indicators to reflect and predict aquatic condition in lakes, streams and estuaries. Her current research involves evaluating key intrinsic factors controlling watershed physical processes and connectivity, and quantifying watershed-level stressors (e.g., land use, stable isotopes of nitrogen and carbon, nutrient loads, climate change, etc.) that influence the condition and integrity of water bodies within watersheds.

Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fish Science Ecology Ecotoxicology Environmental Impacts Freshwater Biology Marine Biology Population Biology Spatial & Geographic Information Science Statistics

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Research Physical Scientist

US Environmental Protection Agency
April 1995
Office of Research and Development


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