Andrew Aken

Andrew Aken


After getting my Master’s, I started working for IBM in Rochester, MN. While there, I developed an application to assist in translation and automated building of internationalized versions of our software. I left IBM to become the Director of Development specializing in the internationalization of software utilizing the techniques which I learned and developed at IBM to automate their internationalization processes. I subsequently went to work for a Department of Defense contractor to achieve the same goals.
I returned to Southern Illinois to startup an ISP. We also started a telephone company which we ran for 10 years. While President & CEO of the telco, I was contacted by the Business College at SIU to teach some Web-Based Application Development courses. I continued running the CLEC while teaching at Southern Illinois University and took advantage of their tuition reimbursement program to pursue my Ph.D. in Business Administration specializing in MIS.
I was recognized as the Outstanding Term Instructor at SIU. Due to budget, I took an appointment as a Visiting Research Programmer at the University of Illinois to develop an automated essay assessment application. Completing my PhD, I took a position as Asst Professor in Business Information Technology at Minot State University in Minot, ND. I then took a position as Asst Professor at Northeastern State University. I continue to keep my development skills sharp by consulting with companies on their IS development needs.

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Northeastern State University
August 2011
Information Systems

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