Andres Etter


I am based at the Department Ecology and Territory of the Faculty of Environmental and Rural Studies, where I head a research group dealing with the modeling of land use change and its ecological and socio-economic consequences. Our research seeks connections of LUCC with global change and biological invasions issues.
My expertise is in land cover mapping, land use change analysis, landscape ecology, spatial analysis/modeling, and (invasive) species modeling. I am generally interested in the interdisciplinary approach to human-environment interactions. I have applied the landscape ecological approach to integrate biophysical and socio-economic data using Remote Sensing and GIS. I have carried out extensive work on mapping and modeling land cover and land use change in Colombia, with emphasis on forest and savanna ecosystems. I am also developing a spatially explicit quantification of the human footprint on ecosystems.

Biodiversity Ecology Spatial & Geographic Information Systems

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Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Department of Ecology and Territory


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