Adam Marsh
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Adam D Marsh


Visiting Student Researcher, University of California, Berkeley: current
PhD candidate, University of Texas at Austin: 2013-current
MS Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin: 2011-2013
BS Biological Sciences, Environmental Geosciences, University of Notre Dame: 2007-2011

Anatomy & Physiology Evolutionary Studies

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PhD candidate

University of Texas at Austin
Geological Sciences

University of California, Berkeley

PhD candidate

Jackson School of Geosciences
Geological Sciences

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21 Feb 2015

What supports the correlation of this site to the Petrified Forest Member? You cite Bennet's 1955 map but that does not justify its correlation. You mention that the stratigraphic...

21 Feb 2015

Abstract -Switch and rephrase the last two sentences -Provide brief justification for your taxonomic identification Introduction -Who says the Kayenta Formation is Sinemuri...